Exploring the Cutting-Edge Field of Bioprinting

The Bioprinting Club is an innovative initiative offering students a unique opportunity to explore the captivating field of bioprinting. This interdisciplinary marvel seamlessly integrates STEAM education, allowing students to develop critical scientific inquiry skills and engage in collaborative problem-solving. The club recently repurposed a 3D printer into a functional bioprinter, achieving a significant milestone recognized and published in the esteemed Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education. Building on this success, our school is actively working towards establishing a Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering Laboratory to further advance bioprinting research and education, integrating it into the biotechnology curriculum and providing students with an innovative approach to STEAM disciplines.

Participation in various local science competition

Our students have excelled in various local science competitions, showcasing their talent and ingenuity. In the Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competitions, a team of S2 students received the Honourable Prize for their project on plastic biodegradation, while a team of S3 students secured the Third Prize for their genetic research on Macropodus hongkongensis. Additionally, our students have consistently performed well in the International Junior Science Olympiad and the International Biology Olympiad, earning honors and highlighting their scientific aptitude and commitment to excellence. These achievements reflect our school's dedication to fostering innovation and scientific exploration, inspiring others in the STEAM field.