Video Conferences

Video Conferencing (VC) has become a prevalent conference solution in the world today. Regardless of where you are, it allows you to have 'face-to-face' opportunities to meet up with people overseas and cost-effective.  Video Conferencing allows connections with other schools or organizations throughout the world.

13 October 2023 at 3.30 pm HK time 10.30 am Turkish time

VC with Turkey


Topic: Getting to know each other






28 April 2023 at 3 pm

Alex's Lemonade: Children's Cancer Support


Focus: Inclusivity






25 November 2022 1130am

VC Renewable Energy

Focus: Getting to know each other

11.30am Geodetska Tehnika Skola, Croatia

12 noon St Stephen’s Senior Secondary School, India

12.30 pm MASHA University, Malaysia

 Topic: Renewable Energy





12 April 2019 3.15pm

VC with Saba High School, Iran

Focus: World Water Day

World Water Day started in 1993. It is an annual UN observance day highlighting the fresh water problem around the world. The theme for 2019 was "Leaving no one behind" to encourage people to consider marginalised groups as they are often overlooked and discriminated against the access to safe water. This VC was held with the organisers from US and a high school in Iran. Students shared the water problem and other pollution issues in their country and how they could contribute to sustainable lifestyle.




20 September 2017 4pm

VC with The Boleslaw Krzywousty High School Number VIII, Wroclaw Poland.

Focus: Getting to know each other

It was our first time to hold a VC with Poland. Hence the first session we did the introduction to Hong Kong and our school and the Polish students showed us video of their beautiful city and huge school. They had couple of students who have visit HK before and even got hold of few Chinese words. It was amazing to see how people are keen to know and learn about each other’s culture. 




6 May 2016 3.15pm

VC with Ekonomska šola Celje, Solvenia

Focus: Getting to know each other
It was our very first time to organise a VC with Solvenia. Both side students presented on their country and school following by Q and A session. It was a good experience to know the lifestyle of a country with only 2 million population compared to a highly populated Hong Kong. Students shared their day in life from morning to evening both sides have very different lifestyle. 




6 Nov 2015

VC with Taiwan

Focus: Horseshoe crab
Human activities in the modern world have posted tremendous pollution to the environment; different habitats in the nature are facing changes such as shrinking in size due to pollutants, predators invasion because of the food chain disorder, moreover, chemical wastes dumped by factories even causing biological changes in various species which might cause a huge damage to the wild, thus eventually to the human’s society.
The theme of this video conference was ecology conservation and students from both schools taught each others about the changes of the animals’ habitats, treats they are countering, and what we could do to help.
Horseshoe crab was chosen by our students’ for sharing. Since our school has participated in the Horseshoe Crab Rearing Programme organised by the Ocean Park and City University of Hong Kong in years, we are very familiar with its body structure, growth path, diet and habitat conditions.
We taught the Taiwan students how to make a horseshoe crab origami. Students from both schools enjoyed it. Although it was challenging to teach origami through webcams since steps needed to be shown very clearly or the whole origami will not be in shape, everyone was having wonderful time.




20 March 2015   7.15am

VC with Del Valle High School, Del Valle, Texas USA  


Focus: International Criminal Court – Moot Court Case on Oil

There were 2 speakers per side.  Each side had 30 minutes to present their speech followed by a Q and A session where each side challenged the other on what they presented.
Our students were talking for the stance that oil is a fossil fuel, we are running out of oil and that oil companies are not manipulating with the oil prices (the oil prices are determined by market mechanism).  The students made use of scientific data and prior research studies to support their stance.  The opposition raised very brilliant questions too for instance since most of the oil is stored in the middle-east countries does that indicate that dinosaurs migrated to Middle-east to die.  It was overall highly entertaining and interesting. 




23 September 2014 4pm

VC with Lyceum No.15, Cherkessk, Russia 

Focus: Do you agree with ALS Iced Bucket Challenge 


The main focus was on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone's head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research. It wemt viral on social media during July–August 2014. Students on both sides shared their viewpoints with illustrations such as The President of the United States,Barack Obama, was challenged but declined, opting to contribute to the campaign with a donation. On the other hand Justin Bieber was criticized for not properly doing the challenge. Students raised a number of criticisms relating to the campaign, accusing it of being self-congratulatory focusing primarily on fun rather than donating money to charity and substituting a trivial activity for more genuine involvement in charitable activities. Furthermore criticism has also targeted the waste of water.



23 May 2014 3pm

VC with Ilford County High School, England 

Focus: Global Alternative Energy Debate 


Debate was held with London on Wind Power Vs Nuclear. Our students stood up for Nuclear, which they believe is the most appropriate due to limited space and high demand for electricity to match the developed and high tech lifestyle of Hong Kong whereas England stayed firm with Wind Power, which they believe is more clean and safe. Both sides tabled their points and argued with solid data. We believe the debate gave both sides in-depth sight of how factors including economical and geographical conditions of a country affect its preference of energy use.


4 December 2013 4pm

VC with National Dali High School, Taiwan 

Focus: Christmas Celebration 


Christmas is around the corner and we are all ready to celebrate. During this VC our students taught the Taiwan students how to make bread budding and they provided us a presentation on a traditional Taiwan dish. Followed by playing musical instruments and singing Christmas Carols. Joy to the world…


7 November 2013 8am

VC with Yuille Park Community College (VIC), Gruyere Primary (VIC) and St Michaels Collegiate (TAS), Australia 

Focus: Throw and Catch 


It was a similar VC to the previous one as schools engaged were the same. However, this time we played throwing the basketball around the globe. It required a close teamwork as one throws the ball in such a direction for instance throwing a ball from HK that it feels like being caught in Australia. Furthermore, The Australian Center for the Moving Images merged the pictures of all schools and we shared and discussed about our final product.



31 October 2013

VC with Yuille Park Community College (VIC), Gruyere Primary (VIC) and St Michaels Collegiate (TAS), Australia 

Focus: Over Here Over There 


The VC was organised by The Australian Center for the Moving Images. Students designed words on A3 papers with nouns, pronouns and adjectives, each school was then asked to lift up one word and all three school had to work together to create a sentence. It was an amazing teamwork experience.



30 September 2013

VC with Holland RSG Tromp Meesters 

Focus: Get to know each other 


It was our very first time to organise VC with Holland.  We started off with introducing our city and school and knowing of theirs as usual.  Surprisingly, students from both sides were very comfortable talking with eachother that they didn't take long before they filled up the room with recent pop songs …baby baby baby Oh...



2 May 2013 7.40HK Time Jr. Megaconference 2013

Focus: Dark side of Globalisation


This is an annual event organized by some retired teachers in US. This was our 4th year to join megaconference, which runs for 24 hours around the globe involving schools from everywhere. Each school is given an opportunity to present their work for 20 mins. We had Greece, Croatia and UK as audience during our presentation. Our students shared their thoughts on how even cartoons are stereotyped and packed with violence and erotic scenes by showing lust for women to splattering blood during fights.


19 April 2013 4.00pm HK Time
VC with Gymnasium No.1 Derbent, Russia

Focus: Our Cuisine


We have been working very hard to explore the globe. During this VC we learnt how to cook a Russian dish called khinkal and our students taught them how to make beef dumpling. Actually the original pork dumpling they replaced with beef. Thanks to VC otherwise we would never know that certain parts of Russia like Dagestan (very close to Turkey) holds islamic beliefs.


18 January 2013 4.00pm HK Time
VC with Hatay Science High School, Turkey

Focus: Get to know each other



The experience of holding VC with Turkey was great. Students were at the full level of joy other than sharing information on their country and school students were very active in showing off their talent in dancing and singing too. As usual learning each others language was greatly enjoyed by both sides.



17 December 2012 1.00pm HK Time

VC with Supreme Education System, Pakistan

Focus: Get to know each other


This was our very first time to hold VC with Pakistan. Main participants were our non Chinese students, who are of Indian-Pak national. Students started off with introducing our city and school then led to daily lifestyle and common interest sharing. Both sides were pretty excited sharing the national game of Indian-Pak cricket.



15 November 2012 5.00pm HK Time

VC with Osnovna škola Horvati (Croatia)

Focus: Learn my language



This time is addition to the students and teachers we also had the journalists and the president of Croatia witnessing the conference. We started off with greeting our main focus was on learning and teaching each other's mother tongue.



3 May 2012 6.30pm HK Time

Megaconference 2012. VC with Russia, Croatia and Taiwan

Focus: Impact of media on adolescents



This was our 3rd year to join The MegaconferenceJr, which runs for 24 hours involving schools all around the globe. Due to similar time zone we were hooked up by Russian, Croatian and Taiwan schools. Students shared their thoughts on how today’s media affects them. It could be seen clearly the acceptance level varies of students from different culture and background. Students from all four countries had fun discussing on their favourite and common cartoons and characters. Amazing to see how something in common can boost up the conversation, which can go non stop for hours.



2 December 2011 1.00pm HK Time

VC with Cita Hati Christian Senior School (Indonesia)

Focus: Earth House and Energy Conservation



The theme was Earth Hour and the main focus was on energy saving. Students from both sides did a short presentation on how they going to conserve energy and how they could successfully spread the words around the world. Students agreed to exchange handicrafts to raise funds for their projects to attend the Caretakers of Environment International





14 October2011 5.00pm HK Time

VC with Head teachers in Europe

Focus: Usage of VC in Education



This was organized by a school in Croatia, where they had invited head teachers from various European countries to gather together to discuss the important role of video conference in education. Teachers and principals shared their viewpoint on the usage of VC and it’s future vital role in education.





7 October2011 3.05pm HK Time

VC with National Dali High School, Taiwan

Focus: Global Food Culture and French Onion Soup



In this VC we tired something new, which was cooking with the other party at same instance. Our students taught the Taiwan students how to make yummy French Soup and coming up we are expecting to learn a dish from them. Furthermore, there was a discussion on the impact of global culture on our local culture. Students were able to discuss the threats and new elements brought in by foreign culture.





2 June 2011 7.30pm HK Time

VC with Great Valley Middle School, USA

Focus: Our Customs and Culture



This was our second video conference with Great Valley Middle School. In our May conference students shared about their economy and school life in order to have better understanding of each other this time we scheduled to discuss about customs and festivals. Our students talked about how we celebrate our Chinese New Year and they introduced Mid Autumn festival by performing a short drama. Whereas the students from USA showed us some of their current hip hop and traditional dance movies.





6 May 2011 2.00pm HK Time

VC with National Dali High School, Taiwan

Focus: Global Concerns


Today's session students discussed the global issues of environment especially deforestation. Furthermore students from Taiwan shared a video on Alex's Lemonade charitable organisation and shared how they raise money for the charity in their school.





5 May 2011 7.30am HK Time

VC with Great Valley Middle School, Pennsylvania USA

Focus: A typical day in my hometowm


This was our second time to connect with Great Valley Middle School after the megaconference. In this session students shared the pictures of their houses and environment they live in. In addition to that they also touched the international hot issue such as how people react to Osama's death





6 March 2011 4pm HK Time

VC with Burghill Hereford School, England

Focus: Let's know about eachother


This was our very first time to hold a video conference with a school in England. We kicked off with introducing ourselves and knowing more about each other. Students from England presented on their country and shared with us the natural beauty of England and how much they enjoy the cold weather by making snowmen. Our students taught them basic Mandarin conversation and taught them how to read, write and speak numbers in Mandarin.





24 February 2011 8pm HK Time

VC with Great Valley Middle School (Pennsylvania, USA), East Stroudsburg High School (Pennsylvania, USA), Osnovna Skola Horvati (Zagreb, Croatia) and Secondary Medical School (Split, Croatia)

Focus: Our Economy and Minimum Wage


Like last year we joined the megaconference Jr. 2011. It is a special non-profit world-wide event which creates a virtual conference involving hundreds of locations and thousands of people. Everyone in the world is invited to participate. Our school was the VJ for the very first session the focus was on discussing the Economy and Minimum Wage pattern around the globe. Students from all the school seem to have great effort on their presentation and all of them were active in interacting with other schools. Everything went very smooth and other side of the world really appreciated the confident level and performance of our students. However, sad that Hicksville High School from Ohio, USA could not join in as they were hit by ice storm the night prior to VC and schools were suspended.





20 December 2010, 3pm HK Time

VC with National Dali High School, Taiwan

Focus: Musical Performances and Discuss issues faced by teenagers


Student from both sides showed their musical and art talent. Later had a discussion on issues faced by teengers such as drug abuse and abusive use of Internet.



Nation Dali High School Visit by the Principal




12 November 2010, 3pm HK Time


Focus: Teaching how to read, write and speak Mandarin



Our students taught the French children how to read, write and speak Chinese numbers from 1 - 10, basic Chinese characters such as big (tai), small (siu) and few more and also taught them how to speak basic daily conversation.The French kids were very concentrated and really enjoyed alot we end the VC by teaching them how to write dragon, mom and dad on their request



17 September 2010, 3pm HK Time

VC with Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School, Hong Kong

Focus: Recent Issues in Hong Kong


This was the first time we held VC with a local school. Our secondary school students introduced the contents and mode of studying Liberal Studies to the students of PLKLHT. Later 3 recent issues were discussed; Hong Kong tourists killed in Manila, Hong Kong Express Railway and Internet Addiction. Students shared their viewpoints on government perfomrance and citizens response for the first two topics and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of internet use and how addiction to Internet might lead to conflict with family members and affect physical and mental health.




26 February 2010, 7am HK Time

Video Conference with various schools around the globe

Focus: Poetry Sharing and Customs and Traditions


This megaconference was different in a number of ways. One of the biggest is that each session was being coordinated by a VJ team which included up to 10 interactive teams. The entire group (VJ's and interactives) designed the program and did the presentation.




Nation Dali High School Visit by the Principal




09 December 2009, 9pm HK Time

Video Conference with Hathboro-Horsham School and Governor Mifflin School, USA


Focus: Life in my school and








This video conference was something very different for us as very first time we held video conference with two schools at same time. Due to the time difference we had to start really late but it was all a great experience and worth waiting. Students from all three schools asked and answered each others questions. Students were very interested knowing about the teenagers' life at the other side. Furthermore, global issue topics such as viewpoints on global warming were also discussed.





18 November 2008, 5pm HK Time

Video Conference with Osnovna's kola Horvati (Croatia)

Focus: Cultural Exchange


Croatia is a southern Central European country borders with Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east. The country is also known as the birthplace of a number of historical figures. Included among the notable people are three Nobel prize winners and numerous inventors.

Our students presented musical performances, Jazz dance and taught them some Chinese characters and our daily greetings in Mandarin whereas the other side educated our students on their traditional Croatian food TRUKLI, traditional song in Croatian and general greetings in their mother tongue. At the end students from both sides had an informal chat on daily lives and hobbies. Overall was a great experience and opening our students to the outer world.




02 November , 2007, 8am HK Time

Video Conference with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


Focus: Pascal Law; Under Pressure: To Pop or Not to






Students witnessed a series of experiments about the life in a Space Laboratory. Our students also tried out their experiments to see how the astronauts can be protected out there in the space.  Students created their own astronaut using a water balloon and made special clothes for it.  Furthermore, the NASA instructor also took the students into space station, which they use to train astronauts.  Overall it broadened the students' knowledge on astronauts' job in space, dangers they might encounter and some facts on galaxy.




June 29, 2007, 10 am HK Time

Video Conference with Maori Girls' College of New Zealand


Focus: music and cultural exchange

Students from our schools performed on Chinese traditional dance and give out some fabulous musical and choir performances whereas the students from Maori Girl’s College educated our schools on their culture and sang their traditional Maori songs.







20 September 2017 4pm

VC with The Boleslaw Krzywousty High School Number VIII, Wroclaw Poland.

Focus: Getting to know each other

It was our first time to hold a VC with Poland. Hence the first session we did the introduction to Hong Kong and our school and the Polish students showed us video of their beautiful city and huge school. They had couple of students who have visit HK before and even got hold of few Chinese words. It was amazing to see how people are keen to know and learn about each other’s culture.