HKDSE Result 2023

Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education 2023

Analysis of the Public Examination Results


Percentage of Candidates attaining the general entrance requirements (Core subjects at 3322 or above) for admission to tertiary institutions

Our School Average Hong Kong Average
Mathematics (Level 2 or above) 100.0% 82.2%
LS (Level 2 or above) 97.0% 90.4%
English (Level 3 or above) 93.3% 53.4%
Chinese (Level 3 or above) 68.7% 60.4%
Subjects attaining more 5**/5*/5 than Hong Kong Average:

English Language, Mathematics, Mathematics Extended Part (Algebra & Calculus), Biology, BAFS, Chemistry, Chinese History, Economics, Geography, ICT and Physics.

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Outstanding HKDSE Achievers

(Two or more 5*/5** or Best 6 = 30 marks or more)


Class Name
6J Chan C.H.
Chan Y.H.J.
Fung P.L.
Lee C.W.
Leung L.H.N.
Ng C.H.
Yeung W.T.
6M Yeung P.Y.S.
6N Chung L.H.
Lam C.
Li Y.S.
Ng W.K.
Tsang P.K.
Wong C.T.
6S Chan L.H.
Lam T.W.
Lau Y.C.
6V Cai C.Y.
Ho S.T.
Hui L.
Kwok T.F.
Lai Y.L.S.
Lau T.W.
Leung Y.H.
She K.C.D.
Wong P.H.
Wong S.K.